Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (ASUCA) has been operating since1923. It is Azerbaijan's first and only University on theater, cinema and pop music (vocal and guitar playing) study. ASUCA gained university status in 1991.

ASUCA`s diploma is recognized in many countries around the world. The University`s professors and teaching staff are world-renowned artists, and its practice venues are the country`s leading theaters and cinemas.

ASUCA the nation’s oldest university and training ground for generations of talented musicians, actors, directors, artists, choreographers, researchers into the arts and culture, and teachers. The university prepares professionals in many of the arts, as well as highly qualified specialists in the humanities, management and public relations for institutions of art and culture. The combination of classical teaching with the latest innovative approaches has contributed to the development of an effective system for mastering the theoretical and practical skills necessary for professionals. A broad range of the modern, popular, educational programmes demanded by contemporary life is offered here. The structure of the university is continually strengthened and expanded, undergoing transformation into an integrated system of research and education. One of the largest centres in Azerbaijan for the advanced training of specialists in culture and art, this is a creative leader in education. At present more than 2,000 students are studying at ASUCA. There are 5 faculties (The Faculty of Fine and Decorative Applied Аrts, The Faculty of Musical Аrts, The Faculty of Theatre Art, The Faculty of Film and Television, The Faculty of Cultural Studies) provided by highly qualified professors, teachers and more than 400 specialists in 25 departments.

University is a member of the International Association of Universities, the Union of Caucasian Universities (KUNIB). Our University has been recognized by the Higher Education Council (YÖK-Turkey). ASUCA was the first University on arts selected to ELIA network in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts
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