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Beijing Film Academy, China

The Academy of Performing Arts (formerly the Department of Performing Arts) was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was the Institute of Performing Arts of the Central Film Bureau. In 1956, with the approval of the State Council, the Institute of Performing Arts was restructured into the Beijing Film Academy and the Department of Performing Arts was established. In 1989, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, a Master's Degree Granting Point was established. In 2001, Beijing Film Academy established the Academy of Performing Arts on the basis of the Department of Performing Arts.

Since its establishment, the Academy of Performing Arts has insisted on the idea of "learning from the people, serving the people and being an artist of the people". After nearly 70 years of development, performance specialty has been committed to serving the capital, facing the whole country, taking education as the root, student-oriented, and cultivating outstanding talents of performance art with strong political thinking and professional excellence. Graduates of our institute have successively won five national-level important awards such as the First Engineering Award, the Golden Rooster Award, the Hundred Flowers Award, the Huabiao Award, the Golden Horse Award (Taiwan, China), the Golden Image Award (Hong Kong, China), the Flying Sky Award, the Golden Eagle Award, the Wenhua Award, the Plum Blossom Award, the Chinese Drama Award, and a number of other outstanding graduates'works The Palm Award, the Golden Bear Award of the Berlin Film Festival, the Golden Shell Award of the San Sebastian Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and the Carthage International Film Festival are among the most important international awards. Generations of performing artists and excellent writers and directors have emerged. With the outstanding artistic achievements of teachers and students and the influence of professional fields at home and abroad, this major has become the cradle of training senior talents of Chinese film performing arts.

Beijing Film Academy
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  • University / Academy solely dedicated to the Performing Arts

    Teaching Languages
  • Chinese and English

    Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor BA
  • Bachelor BA and Master MA
  • PhD

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  • Acting

  • for local and for foreign students

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  • Local educators allowed
  • Foreign educators allowed on permanent basis, on invitation or call
  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary basis, on invitation or call

    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • Beijing Film Academy International Student Short Film Festival
  • Beijing Film Academy International Student Short Film Festival