ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts Projects

Dance Platform

Dance universities, academies, faculties and departments make up an important part of a performing arts education. Therefore, being a Network for Higher Education in the Performing arts, it is important that 'dance' is well represented and holds an important place in any Network endeavour.

The creation of a Dance Platform as a Project has different aspects. The first one is to attract higher education institutions that are dedicated to dance, including institutions that include dance in their structure. Once this is established, a process of exchange between the identified dance universities, faculties and academies should take place in which lecture practices can be developed through cooperation. The ultimate goal of all of this is for the relevant institutions inside the ITI/UNESCO Network to eventually create an MA programme which specifically focusses on dance.

This will be a long process, but in the meantime the Network Member from the Alicia Alonso Dance Institute of the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid has created the UNESCO Ibero-American Chair for Dance. This Chair hopes to serve two functions; firstly, it will take the form of a regional International Dance Platform for the preservation of the material heritage of dance in Latin American countries. Once this is consolidated, it will seek to garner greater connection between Latin American dance universities and Europe.

It is intended that by following this programme the Latin American region will be able to document its rich history of dance culture, giving it a firm foundation to build a rapport with European dance institutions for the advancement of dance education in that part of the world.


Alberto GARCIA and Luis LLERENA, Alicia Alonso Dance Institute, University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain)


Gloria ARAMBARRY - gloria.garcia(at)