Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

Superior School of Theatre and Cinema, Portugal

Under this designation, ESTC - Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Superior School of Theatre and Cinema), was set up in Lisbon integrating the net of Art’s Faculties of Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, by July 1 (1983) - although its early foundation goes back to the XIXth century, by the time when Conservatório Geral de Arte Dramática (Dramatic Art Conservatory) was created in 1836, thanks to the visionary initiative of writer and politician Almeida Garrett, during the reign of Queen Maria II. The Cinema Department of ESTC was created much more recently, beginning its courses in 1973, as the first superior school in Portugal teaching a Graduation in Cinema, including the six main areas demanded by Film industry: Directing, Scriptwriting, Montage (Filmmaking), Image, Sound and Production, as well as a MA in Development of Cinema Project.

The Theatre Department offers graduation courses in Actor’s Training, Set Design and Costumes, Theatre Production, and a MA in Theatre with specializations in Performing Arts, Theatre Directors, Theatre and Community (Applied Theatre), Production and Set Design. ESTC has adjusted its educational provision to the Bologna Process, both in Theatre and Cinema Departments, offering first and second cycle degrees (Graduation, Post-graduation and Master of Arts), as well as a third cycle with a PhD in Performing Arts, in a partnership with Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon’s University).

The main goals of ESTC, according to its mission guidelines, are the following:
- Training of highly qualified professionals;
- Fostering applied research activities;
- Promoting artistic experiments and productions;
- Launching or participation in development projects;
- Increasing community involvement.

Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC)
2700-571 Amadora

Email: estc(at)

Phone: +351 2 1498 9400

Francisco Salgado

Francisco Salgado
Professor and Vice Director
+351 966192728

Ciro Aprea

Ciro Aprea


  • Department / Faculty dedicated to Performing Arts

    Teaching Languages
  • Portuguese and English

    Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor BA and Master MA
  • PhD

    Faculties / Departments
  • Theatre History
  • Dramatic Literature History & Research
  • Playwriting
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Music in the Theatre
  • Management
  • Stage Arts
  • Film Art
  • Others
  • For local and for foreign students
  • Foreign students accepted for BA, MA, PhD postgraduate courses
  • Local language courses available for foreign students
  • There are open calls for students

    Teachers/Educator Related Information
  • Foreign educators allowed on permanent basis, on invitation or call
  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary invitation, on invitation or call

    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • Escola de Verão (Summer school); short period workshops (one or two weeks each) given by invited artists/art teachers, frequently taking place in early September or late July.
  • ESTC promotes constantly sessions with invited lecturers, who are developing work in any of the areas offered by its three cycles of studies.