ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts Projects

Student Festivals

Student Festivals are an important part of the Network. These are events in which international exchange between students and educators can happen. It is a bridge for cultural exchange, mutual understanding and friendship.

Experience shows that Student Festivals should not include too many schools, that is why the ITI/UNESCO Network may be involved in more than one encounter a year, each one inviting a set of different theatre, dance or performing arts institutions.
Possible forms are festivals focusing solely on theatre or dance, or festivals focussing more generally on the performing arts. They may include workshops, master classes, and joint projects from the attending students. Moreover, a student festival may also be done in association with other networks.

If there is an interest to hold a festival, connect with the Secretariat of the Network: secetariat(at)

>>For more information on planned and previous student festivals please click here


CHEN Zhongwen, Daniel BAUSCH, Accademia Teatro Dimitri (Verscio, Switzerland) and Derek GOLDMAN, Georgetown University (Georgetown, USA)