Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre Jean-Pierre Guingané / CFRAV | Burkina Faso

Performance: L’Histoire d’un Soldat


The play is a free interpretation of “l’histoire du soldat” of Ramuz- Stravinsky, re-written in pure African style and references.
Like in Stravinsky’s opera, the soldier left home and lost himself in the world, fascinated by the temptation of easy winning. From far home is considered bad, a place where you have just war and destruction; but finally the home’s nostalgia is too strong, and won over everything until the destruction of all the fragile construction that the soldier has built during his peregrinations.
The play proposes a continuous balance between two moral sets: home and the modern world. The soldier is tempted by both sirens and his life take place inside this eternal conflict.

Date 16 July Thursday, 19:30 Ouagadougou Time (UTC+0)

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Performance Length 34 min.

Cast Member List:

Actors: Florence M. M. Bambara / C. Léger Dah / Laré Guere / Charles N. Tiendrebeogo

Assistants: Stephane Balouri / Roi Bounltoulgou / Sié Palenfo

Technician: Mohamadi Gouem

Administration and Organisation: Claude Kira Guingané / Hamadou Mandé

Dramaturges and Directors: Manfredi Rutelli / Luca Fusi

After-Show Discussion

Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre Jean-Pierre Guingané / CFRAV | Burkina Faso

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