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International Museum’s Theatre Institute, South Korea

International Museum’s Theatre Institute aims to contribute to the education of visitors by associating museums dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of cultural heritage of yesterday with the ones dedicated to the performing arts that emphasize the creation of today. We are also extending the function of the museum space as a meeting place for performing artists to introduce diverse audiences.

International Museum’s Theatre Institute
Republic of Korea


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  • Playwriting
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  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary invitation, on invitation or call

    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • Monodrama Festival. International Duo performing arts Festival, Museum’s Theatre Festival
  • Summer Workshop : Traditional Korean Performing Arts Technic and Presentation
  • Conferences for International performing arts Theory for Museum’s Theatre

    ITI/UNESCO Network Projects currently involved
  • Establishing Globally Applicable Teaching Criteria in Acting and Directing Modules

The Face Museum is the private collection of director Kim Jeong Ok. Over the past 40 years, he has collected various "faces" ― stone statues, wooden dolls, and ceramics made in Korea as well as porcelain and glass figurines and masks from abroad.

Through the various expressions we can see in the faces of the artwork from different countries, we can feel a creative sensation too wonderful for words-one that is created by the artistic sentiment of the artisan and the passing of time itself.

The Face Museum can be described as a place where people of the past gather to celebrate in festivities. However, theatre director Kim Jeong-ok has created a space where people of today can mingle and meet those of the past. Hence, the Museum of Face functions both as a museum and as a performance venue.
Sculpture and performing arts are similar in the fact that they both are based on depicting the human body and concentrate on expressing facial expressions. In that sense, these art genres can be considered as the one of the most "human" art genres. The Museum of Face is a fusion space in which performing arts and visual arts can merge.