Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

College of Art, Music & Drama, University of Juba, South Sudan

College of Art, Music and Drama was established in 2002 as a new College within the University of Juba. The College comprised of three departments, Fine Arts, Music, and Drama. The first batch of students for the college came in 2002.
Here are some of the achievements the college has been able to attained since its inception:
- Fine Arts: The department carried out art workshop in collaboration with JICA under the theme “Agricultural scheme” in June 2015. - Music: The department participated in the visit of the Chinese Peace-Keepers’ delegation from UNMISS to University of Juba. Better classrooms for lectures have been provided.
- Drama: Currently conducts weekly cinema shows for all students and College friends. Students of drama department also participated in public shows for campaigns against diseases like cholera, organized by the Ministry of Health. The College Theater is under construction now at its final stage.

The CAMD is facing so many difficulties such as lack of art materials and outdated musical equipment such as pianos, guitars, unavailability of technical drama equipment such as lights, sound systems and practical studios; these directly affect the smooth running of college activities.
The only way to develop the quality of the work in our College at this stage is to open more opportunities for partnership and cooperation with national and international organizations to help achieve the mission and the vision of CAMD.

College of Art, Music & Drama, University of Juba
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South Sudan

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