Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

Civic Accademy of Dramatic Arts “Nico Pepe”, Italy

The Civic Academy of Dramatic Art Nico Pepe is a structure of public theatrical formation affirmed to national level. It welcomes students coming from the whole Italian territory and also from the foreign countries in the circle of cultural exchanges with the different European formative realities particularly from Russia and from Oriental Europe.

For a few years now, the “Nico Pepe” has been reinforcing and extending its work on languages and on theatre languages by introducing English, German, Spanish and French speaking authors, besides continuing the drama section in friulano language. We believe this is a winning bet and a choice of high cultural level, particularly in the new enlarged European Union.

The opportunity to explore different languages is one of the distinctive features of this Academy. We believe it is an important occasion of cultural growth and a valid training for tomorrow's actor, who must be creative, versatile and cultured. Students also have the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture of the territory that hosts them, in connection with all theoretical and practical disciplines.

Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe”
Largo Ospedale Vecchio 10/2
33100 Udine

Email: accademiateatrale(at)

Phone: +39 0432504340
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Claudio de Maglio

Claudio de Maglio
Representative for the ITI/ UNESCO Network

Diana Barillari
Secretariat dealing with the ITI/ UNESCO Network
  • University / Academy solely dedicated to the Performing Arts

    Teaching Languages
  • Italian, English, French, Spanish, italian dialetcs, local languages

    Degrees Offered
  • Other degrees or certificates

    Faculties / Departments
  • Acting

  • For local and for foreign students
  • Local language courses available for foreign students
  • There are open calls for students

    Teachers/Educator Related Information
  • Local educators allowed
  • Foreign educators allowed on permanent basis, on invitation or call
  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary invitation, on invitation or call
    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • Summer Academy Festival-SAFEST: theatrical festival among schools of theater (Summer period)
  • International Workshop of Commedia dell’Arte: theory and practice of the Commedia dell’Arte (Summer period)
  • Winter Triennal Course Theatrical Formation
  • National Prize of the Young Realities of the Theater: theatrical extracts in contest of young actors, directors and playwrights (Under35)
  • Lectures concerning the theatrical techniques, vocal, contemporary dance, meetings with actors and personality of the culture

    ITI/UNESCO Network Projects currently involved
  • International Workshop of Commedia dell’Arte
  • Summer Academy Festival / Safest
  • National Prize of the Young Realities of the Theatre

Studying at Nico Pepe

Triennial Course
The three-years course provides thorough preparation for a career in all the activities linked with acting. We want our students to be creative, enquiring and ready to explore what surrounds them. We train actors with a high degree of technical facility and flexibility, and the aim is to make them refined and strong, well educated and receptive. The program includes multiple areas of competence, gathering together Voice, Movement and Acting. Each year has its own main targets

First Year
Deconstruction: during the first year the training is aimed to give you a consciousness of your own body and your expressive tools. The attention is focused on the concept of group work and fundamental basis for the actors: to give nourishment to our own consciousness and imagination.

Second Year
The second year is aimed at developing the expressive techniques. The construction of the character and its connection with the actor. The physical and emotional pulses. The text analysis. Commedia dell'Arte

Third Year
Text Analysis: how the character moves inside the web of dramaturgy. Physical action. The Actor's ability of self managing