Instituto Universitario de la Danza “Alicia Alonso“ / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos | Spain

Performance: Quixote Party


Reflection upon home as a place for the creation of heritage, identity, and culture from the critical point of view of contemporary art, is the primary theme of our performance proposal. The way in which young artists keep on bringing up the same questions as Cervantes did through the characters of his novel, will be useful to better comprehend the present and the past of their lives. A travelling to possible universes where tradition and modernity meet, represented in the creative action of young actors, actresses, dancers and circus arts artists. The text combines English, Spanish, as well as other languages. The methodology to achieve the project has experienced a totally new perspective: the settings are the cities and towns of the performers and cast, and they would elaborate a diary upon Don Quixote from their current confinement. What to do with so much information? How to distinguish between what is real, true and what we receive as fake news or false information to which we are exposed to massively each day? Could we have new possibilities to understand better the home or the places we habit under these conditions of confinement? Which actual reading can we do about the reflections of Don Quixote, focus vs. distraction, to the extent of his boundless creativity and his wisdom, rooted in traditions, in a diverse world where other cultures and identities converge.

>>Brochure with explanations and text of the performance in English

Date 14 July Tuesday, 19:30 Madrid Time (UTC+2)

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Performance Length

Cast Member List:

Direction and Video Editing: Liuba Cid

Dramaturgy: Liuba Cid / Esther Berzal Saiz

Performers: Esther Berzal Saiz (Actress) / Alicia De Pablo Sánchez (Actress) Alicia Villora Esteve (Actress) / Daniel Borrego Aravaca (Circus Artist) /Dana Calderón Díaz (Circus Artist)

After-Show Discussion

Instituto Universitario de Danza “Alicia Alonso” / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos | Spain

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