Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

Shanghai Theatre Academy, China

Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) is a comprehensive university of performing arts, with the focus on theatre training and studies. Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, STA is one of the best art institutions of higher education in China. After 70 years of development, STA has grown from a single discipline school into an outstanding comprehensive university of performing arts in China.

There are four STA campuses located on Huashan Road, Lianhua Road, Hongqiao Road and Pujiang Town, respectively. There are departments on Acting, Directing, Dramatic Literature, and Stage Design, and colleges of Chinese Opera, Dance, Film and Television, and Creative Arts and Industries. Besides, there are two key national professional pre-college schools affiliated to STA: the Chinese Opera School and the Dance School. There are also College of Continuing Education, the Training Center, and an affiliated High School of Arts.

STA is devoted to promoting artistic and academic exchanges and has entered into cooperation with art colleges and institutes from over twenty countries and regions.


Shanghai Theatre Academy
No. 630 Huashan Road


Phone: +86 21 6248 2920

Wei Lou

Chairman of Shanghai Theatre Academy


Yang Yang

Vice President of Shanghai Theatre Academy


Baorong Gong

GONG Baorong
Director of International College, Director of International Theatre Research Centre


Yunlei Zhang

ZHANG Yunlei
Executive Director of International Cooperation Office


Huizhu Sun

SUN Huizhu (William)


Liang Shen

SHEN Liang
Director of Teaching Affairs Office, Professor


Changyong Huang

HUANG Changyong

Vice Chairman and President of Shanghai Theatre Academy


Yan Lou

Coordinator in International Cooperation Office


  • University / Academy solely dedicated to the Performing Arts

    Teaching Languages
  • Chinese
    English (only for Intercultural Communication Studies and Summer School Program)

    Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor BA
  • Bachelor BA and Master MA
  • PhD
  • Other degrees or certificates (MFA)

    Faculties / Departments
  • Theatre History
  • Literature History & Research
  • Dramatic Literature History & Research
  • Playwriting
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Dance History & Research
  • Ballet
  • Modern Dance
  • Ethnic / Traditional Dance
  • Music Theatre
  • Puppetry Theatre
  • Management
  • Stage Arts
  • Multimedia
  • Film & TV Art
  • Others

  • for local and for foreign students
  • foreign students accepted for BA, MA, PhD postgraduate courses
  • the Institution offers grants for local students
  • the Institution offers grants for foreign students
  • foreign students need to have basic knowledge of the local language
  • local language courses available for foreign students
  • There are open calls for students

    Teachers/Educator Related Information
  • Local educators allowed
  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary invitation, on invitation or call

    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • International Experimental Theatre Festival
    “Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival”, initiated by Shanghai Theatre Academy since 1998, has been successfully hosted for nine sessions. It’s a biennial program. Every time performance groups from several countries and regions are invited to STA to perform and have seminars on arts, so as to promote cultural interactions between China and the world. It has become a brand program of our Academy.
  • Winter Institute
    Winter Institute was initiated in 2012 and has been successfully hosted for 7 sessions since then. Co-organized by several prestigious universities in America, Winter Institute acts as a good platform to introduce overseas avant-garde theatre principles, acting and directing methods and multi-media practices into Shanghai.
  • Asia-Pacific Theatre School Festival
    The first APB Theatre School Directors’ Conference was held in 2008. Now there are 24 member universities of performing arts from 13 countries of Asia-pacific area. It’s an annual grand program hosted by each school in turn, and serves as an important communication platform for teachers and students in theatre studies from Asia-pacific area to know and learn from each other.
  • Shanghai Summer School (Beijing Opera)
    It’s an annual program. We offer three courses: Chinese Opera, Chinese Culture and Chinese Language Program. Courses are very practical. Students are asked to do a performance presentation at the end of the program.

    ITI/UNESCO Network Projects currently involved
  • Establishing Globally Applicable Teaching Criteria in Acting and Directing Modules
    In 2017, the first conference on evaluation system of higher education in the performing arts was held in STA. In 2019, we hosted seminars on creating globally applicable teaching criteria in Acting and Directing. Several achievements have been made.
  • Silk Road
    We put forward the “Silk Road” initiative, which was an ancient network for trade between the East and the West and now focuses on cultural interaction and exchanges. Multi-lateral projects are encouraged. At first, the Project focuses on enlarging the membership of Silk Road countries. Then joint initiatives with the Network will be developed. While the focus is on the states that are part of the Silk Road, the events such as conferences, festivals, etc. will be of interest for all Network members and appropriate participation will be possible.