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Actual Student Article

A rigorous contemporary education, precise physical training and supportive community that is geared to hone the artistic skills of students and enable them to use it for their creative expression.

Pritthijit "Jit" DASTIDA Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Switzerland

How would an ideal study at my university looks like.
An ideal study here would be one that is comprehensive in both the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre-making to allow students to develop their own artistic methods and style. This study would be supported by highly passionate and competent professors and classmates who work with you but also give you the space to work by yourself. Furthermore, it is very beneficial to have a calm and conducive campus learning environment that is open to failure, encourages individual exploration and provides appropriate resources to gain important knowledge for growth. Also, it gives the space and opportunity to work hard physically and mentally to serve our creations.

What is existing?
A rigorous contemporary education, precise physical training and supportive community that is geared to hone the artistic skills of students and enable them to use it for their creative expression. It teaches various methodologies from highly influential and innovative theatre practitioners of our era. Programmes offer training in multiple disciplines. This diversity in the education will expand the possibilities of physical and creative expression for any student as one will be able to learn acrobatics, dance, neurology, improvisation, martial arts and dramaturgical analysis. Not only does this strengthen modes of expression for students, it also teaches them how to effectively communicate, direct and create their own works of art.

These works of art are supported by the feedback of teachers of different artistic fields of expertise and other experienced students who are creating their own work as well. Thus, you are part of an environment where you are truly given the freedom to make what you want but also given guidance to ensure you communicate to audiences what you intend to.

There are adequate facilities in the campus such as spacious studios, performance spaces, training equipment and a serene exposure to nature which I find go be rich source of inspiration for artistic creation. Its scenic location at Verscio means that students are in a safe and fresh environment away from the distractions of the big city.

What is missing?
Some conveniences of a city. However, I find that it is a trade that is worthwhile especially if you are used to life in the city.

Jit is an actor who has performed in numerous theatrical productions ranging from classics to contemporary plays. His performances include Joker in Requiem For Change (David Glass Ensemble), Henry in Henry V (Adam Marple) and The Old Man in The Golden Dragon (Aubrey Mellor) in the BA(Hons) Acting programme at LASALLE College of the Arts.

His external works include playing Abhijeet in Adventures of Abhijeet (Patch and Punnet) for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2019, The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole (Sheila Gregory), Cupid in Stupid Cupid (Patch and Punnet), Tan Tiong Boon in Boom (The Callbacks), Jamezz in Dating Simulation (ATTEMPTS), The Short Straw (ACT 3 Productions) and Cupid’s Theatre(Patch and Punnet) at the Singapore Arts Museum and He has performed on international stages as well, he flew to Czech Republic to take part in the 18th New Prague Dance Festival, in which he was a pivotal part of an award-winning ensemble that attained the Best Dance Theatre award and the Participant’s Grand Prix trophy for their performance of Curse of Diwata (Filomar Tariao).

Apart from theatre, Jit has also acted in film and tv. He played the lead role, Kamal, in a short film he co-wrote called Foreign Object which was awarded Best Film for NUSStudio’s Point and Shoot Competition 2019. He plays Gerald in the series The Last Madame, which is currently airing on ToggleSG and will appear as Hossain on HBO-Asia’s Invisible Stories (Jun Ler) on 26 January 2020 where he plays a part in representing the hardworking and struggling Bangladeshi migrant workers of Singapore.

Besides acting, Jit has experience in singing, hosting and educating the youth including those with special needs. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Theatre at Accademia Teatro Dimitri and training to become a full-fledged theatre-maker.