Member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts

University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest, Hungary

The University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest is the oldest art institution of higher education in Hungary. The history of the institution goes back to 1865 when the actor training in Hungary began and the School of Acting opened. Oscar-winning artists, including Mihály Kertész, Vilmos Zsigmond, István Szabó and Géza Röhrig, studied at UTFA. Our University courses include Acting, Stage Directing, Dramaturgy, Applied Theatre, Choreographer-Directors for Physical Theatre, Motion Picture Studies, Production Design, Documentary Filmmaking, and Composing for Theatre and Motion Picture.

The teachers of SZFE are active artists, creative professionals of art theory and the most respected figures in their profession. The exceptionally gifted students are selected carefully from thirty times more applicants yearly. In small groups, using practice-oriented skills development trainings, the Hungarian art tradition is inherited from the masters to the students, while fresh creative energy constantly renews the artistic practice.

The University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest has 5 institutes - departments:
-Institute of Theatre Arts
-Institute of Film and Media
-Institute of Art Theory
-Department of PhD in Arts and DLA of Arts
-Department of Adult Education and Training

Színház-és Filmművészeti Egyetem
Vas street 2/C
1088 Budapest

Email: rektor(at)
Phone: +359 2 9231 225

  • University / Academy solely dedicated to the Performing Arts

    Teaching Languages
  • Hungarian, English

    Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor BA
  • Bachelor BA and Master MA
  • PhD

    Faculties / Departments
  • Playwriting
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Music Theatre
  • Puppetry Theatre
  • Film & TV Art
  • For local and for foreign students
  • Foreign students accepted for BA, MA, PhD
  • The Institution offers grants for local students
  • The Institution offers grants for foreign students

    Teachers/Educator Related Information
  • Local educators allowed
  • Foreign educators allowed on temporary invitation, on invitation or call

    Regular Activities of the Institution
  • FACT Festival (International Festival of Theatre and Film Arts Universities)