Scuola di Teatro “Luca Ronconi” del Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa | Italy

Performance: Three Sisters (1st Act)


It is a work on empty space and time. We worked on the absence of time and space, therefore on the absence of characters too. The exercise was aiming at putting the students in the position to play Chekhov‘s text only through the relationship, but without resolving it in a psychological way.
The creation of “doubles” on stage allows to unmask the mimetic rivalries between the literary functions, showing the real plot hidden in the text: secret relationships, envies and an alteration of time that discloses the mystery of the text. It is not a text about failures but dealing with desire, to belong and to be possessed by the one who apparently seems either antagonistic or even indifferent. Furthermore, the text shows the unacceptable desire of some characters not to belong to reality but to fantasy and literature, an unspeakable desire for death so that we can aspire to become literature.

Date 13 July Monday, 19:30 Milan Time (UTC+2)

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Performance Length 55 min.

Cast Member List:

Playwright: Anton Chekhov

Director: Carmelo Rifici

Performers: Catherine Bertoni/ Gabriele Brunelli /Monica Mihaela Buzoianu /Flavio Capuzzo Dolcetta /Leonardo Castellani /Giulia Heathfield Di Renzi /Giovanni Drago /Anna Godina /Claudia Grassi /Jonathan Lazzini /Lucia Limonta /Sebastian Luque Herrera /Anna Manella /Alberto Marcello/Francesco Maruccia /Marco Mavaracchio/Francesca Osso/Antonio Perretta/Alberto Pirazzini/Roberta Ricciardi /Paolo Rovere/Aurora Spreafico /Emilia Tiburzi /Giacomo Toccaceli /Simone Tudda /Beatrice Verzotti

Movement: Alessio Maria Romano

Music coach: Maurizio Zippoli

Voice coach: Antonella Astolfi

Stage manager: Giuseppe Bettuelli

Props: Valentina Lepore /Lucia Morandi

Electrician: Manuel Frenda

Sound technician: Paolo Zinesi

Head of Costumes: Roberta Mangano

Wardrobe: Alice Agrimonti

Hair & makeup: Nicole Tomaini

After-Show Discussion

The Luca Ronconi School of Theatre - Piccolo Teatro di Milano | Italy

Founded in 1987 by Giorgio Strehler and directed by Luca Ronconi until his death, the School of Theatre is now directed by Carmelo Rifici. The School carries out its activities in symbiosis with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa, the first example of a repertory theatre in Italy, founded in 1947 by Paolo Grassi and Giorgio Strehler and, as of today, one of the most important theatrical institutions in Europe.
Recognised as an international excellence in the field of actor training, the Piccolo School of Theatre is particular in that during the training period it involves the students in the Piccolo’s productions, guaranteeing an on-going and profitable exchange between the classroom and the stage.
The Luca Ronconi school for actors is accredited by the Lombardy Region - and currently receives funding for the eleventh course named after Giorgio Strehler, “From the classroom to stage” (March 2017 - November 2021) part of the “Lombardia Plus - Linea Cultura” - is a school for actors offering three-year courses for a total of approximately 4500 hours of lessons.
In order to gain a place on the course, it is necessary to take part in a competition that is organised every three years. Each course has between 20 and 30 students.