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Here you find the News Archive of past events and updates. It is published in ascending order according to date.

University of Hassan II (Casablanca/Morocco)

Call for participation in the 34th edition of the International University Theater Festival of Casablanca, organized by the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben M'Sik, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco, from 23 to 28 July 2022, under the theme "Reinventing The Theatre".
More information:

The application should be sent to fitucfituc(at) and agonegai(at) The deadline for submission of theatrical pieces filmed for the selection is 23 June 2022.

>>Click here to download the Participation Rules, Application Form, and Application Form for Workshop Supervision.

Arts Research Institute of Georgia
The 2nd Edition of the Movement, Physical and Dance Theatre International Festival

It will take place in Tbilisi from 14 to 18 June. The programme includes an International guest programme (Spain, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Armenia, Poland, Georgia, etc), workshops, and round tables. The main part of the program is the Georgian Showcase and a special day with Georgian Traditional Dance, by the unique Georgian dance company. Contact: lkhetaguri(at) and itigeorgiacentre(at) >>Click here for more information and the application form.

Arts Research Institute of Georgia
Tbilisi Children and Youth International Festival

It will take place from 1 to 6 June. The programme includes indoor and outdoor performances for children, performed by children from different age groups. A special programme will be offered for refugee children from Ukraine, with round tables dedicated to the problems of Theatre and Youth/Children. There will be an international jury with members from Switzerland, Iran, Georgia, and a representative from ASSITEJ.
Contact: lkhetaguri(at) and itigeorgiacentre(at)
>>Click here for more information.

Shanghai Theatre Academy (Shanghai/China)
Open Call: Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Performance Online Course

The online course will take place from 18 June to 9 July 2022. The Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Performance Online Course is a nearly four-week course taught in English. It's an online course that contains repertoire appreciation, lectures by famous artists, basic acting skills, short excerpt learning and interview videos to help the students understand the history, the current situation and the perspective of Xiqu (the traditional Chinese opera) and its training system, as well as practitioners' strive and success stories.
Application Deadline: 30 May 2022 >>Click here for more information and to download the Application Form.

If you are interested, please send the application form to sta_international(at)

Shanghai Theatre Academy (Shanghai/China)
Call for the 11th Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival

It will take place from 17 to 23 October 2022. The theme of the festival is Comedy in the Pandemic – Tribute to Moliere, dedicated to the 400th birthday anniversary of Moliere. The performances are not limited to Moliere’s plays. All selected international groups will present their performance online during the week-long Festival and are encouraged to participate and give a keynote speech online at the symposium. The organizing committee will pay for the online broadcasting right of the selected company’s works and offer an honorarium for presentations and papers shared at the symposium.
The application deadline is 15 July 2022. If you are interested, please send your application to STAfestival(at)
>>Click here to view or download the entire call.

Alicia Alonso Dance Institute, University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid/Spain)
Call for the second edition of the World Performing Arts Research Congress

The second edition of the World Performing Arts Research Congress will be held in person and online on 13, 14 and 15 October 2022 in Salamanca City, Spain. All the details of the call for the Congress will be available on the website from 14 May 2022. If you are interested, please write to Luis Llerena at luis.llerena(at)
Submission of Communication Summaries: Until 20 September 2022.
Notification of acceptance of Communication Summaries received: Until 30 September 2022.
Submission of the Academic Article to be published until 10 October 2022.
Registration and payment of participants: Until 13 October 2022.
Registration and payment of Accepted Communications: Until 10 October 2022.
Publication of reports: November 2022.

World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI (Berlin/Germany)
A masterclass with Jurij Alschitz: Five essential aspects of the professional director's craft

In a masterclass with Jurij Alschitz, five essential aspects of professional directing will be explored in five online modules of two days each from 18 May to 16 June 2022. Directors ask actors to trust them. As artists, we should not be afraid to take risks, but as directors, we have an enormous responsibility – towards art and our actors. The greatest happiness is to create works together – and this process lies in the hands of the director. When it happens, we speak of mastery. There is no recipe for this, but there are professional ways to get there. This course invites you to do so, with 5 topics for 5 meetings over two days each. You can attend one or all of them.
>>For more information about the meetings, please click here.
>>To register, please click here.

Invitation to Participate in the Special Connecting Event | 13 to 17 December 2021– online

The Special Connecting Event is approaching, and the Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network is preparing the event with utmost care. The Special Connecting Event will be held online, from Monday to Friday, 13 to 17 December 2021. It starts everyday at 14h00 Paris Time. The overall goals are bringing people into communication with each other, giving information and providing inspiration. More than 40 member institutions of the ITI/UNESCO Network of Higher Education in the Performing Arts from all over the world have confirmed their participation in this event and will present themselves.

The ITI/UNESCO Network sincerely invites you to participate or watch this event. Watching the Event is available for everybody who is interested in the Network. During the event you may watch the event over Facebook ITI/Unesco Network, afterwards also on the Network website.

For questions, please contact secretariat(at)

>>Click here to visit the Special Connecting Event pages

Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Opening of Bachelor of Arts in Theatre enrolment 2022/23

The Accademia Teatro Dimitri is a member of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre enrolment is now open for the academic year 2022/23. You can find all the detailed information on the website: Enrolment Deadline: Before March 2022
>>To know more about the programme, click here.

University of Regina
Call for Applications for a tenure-track position in Directing and Devising at Theatre Department at The University of Regina.

The Theatre Department launches its new BFA in Devised Performance and Theatre Creation, and BA in Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts in September 2022. It is calling for applications for a tenure-track position in Directing and Devising at Theatre Department. It seeks a candidate that will demonstrate expertise in and have a dynamic and engaging record of theatre/performance-creation, possesses an MFA or PhD, and demonstrate significant creative-critical output at the professional/peer-reviewed level with the ability to connect theory to practice. >>For more information, please click here.

To pursue this exceptional opportunity, please apply at

Live Discussion with Global Theatre Academies
Monday, 13 April, 21:00 (Hong Kong Time, UCT +8 hours)

An Initiative of the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Hong Kong Dramatists It's not an easy time for all of us global citizens. It's a challenging time for us theatre teachers and academies to sustain teaching and learning activities for our students.

It’s especially challenging for us teachers to conduct quality teaching and arrange assessment through new mediums while taking care of our vulnerable families and communities, not to mention our own selves.

Theatre educators from every corner of the world are all welcome to join the dialogue. With this call we would like especially invite all the members of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts to participate.

The Live Discussion will be held on Monday, 13 April 2020 at 21:00 (UTC +8, Hong Kong Time).

Here is the link for the dialogue participation in the Live Discussion. Please let us also know a bit about yourself. Link

To coordinate your participation please check in a Time Zone Converter what time it is at your place when it is 21:00 (9 pm) in Hong Kong. A simple one you find here: Should you have any question, please contact our faculty Janice POON, SeniorLecturer in Playwriting and Dramaturgy at janicepoon(at) Let's connect!

Cancellation of the Second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network

As you might already know, the second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network, scheduled for July 2020, has been cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The decision was made by the leaders of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d'Europa and the Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network. This decision has been announced to all the potentially participating schools and educators.

The ITI/UNESCO Network would like to thank the leaders and members of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d´Europa for all their great efforts, the meetings in Milano, Moscow and Fujairah (United Arab Emirates). The Secretariat is sending its prayers and empowering thoughts to the friends of Piccolo Teatro and hope that the Covid-19 crisis will end as soon as possible.

The Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network would like to extend its gratitude also to everyone who applied to be involved in the Second Student Festival. Our work will not go in vain. As an excellent platform for international exchange among young performing arts talents, the second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network will remain a priority for the future of the ITI/UNESCO Network.

Share with us the empowering thoughts to all the leaders and members of Piccolo Teatro.
To create a Student Festival in the situation that the world is in now is impossible. But the ITI/UNESCO Network is not giving up to think about and plan a future festival.

One idea that is under discussion is to create an Online Student Festival. But there are some barriers to overcome – the time zone differences, the creation of student performances for such a festival may be not be possible for the institutions, etc.

For more information, please click here.

IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2020: Application Deadline Extended

As the IAPAR International Theatre Festival enters into its fifth year, the thrust to keep the 'Actor at the Centre', has been infinitely rewarding. In the current socio-political-cultural situation worldwide, there are many voices which need a representation, hence the decision to focus the festival on ‘Marginalised Narratives’.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis worldwide the deadline for an application has been extended to 15 April 2020. The IAPAR Theatre Festival is scheduled to happen in November 2020.

We understand that this crisis has put everyone around the world at great risk and caused major and minor problems or inconveniences. It is our sincere wish that this extension eases pressure on those interested in sending applications. We look forward to receiving your entry and would also like to appreciate your dedication in continuing to work for art in these difficult times. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

For more details about the festival, you may visit

Send us an email on iapar.festival(at) for the detailed application form or call on +91 77750 52719 to know more.

New Network Member

The Network is pleased to announce a new member from the USA.

The School of Theatre and Dance of the Texas Tech University have been officially accepted into the Network. Established in 1923, it is a highly active and inventive institution dedicated to exploring voices, attaining excellence in the practice and scholarship of theatre and dance, and establishing international and domestic collaboration through the Network.

They are based in Lubbock, Texas, and can be found on Flint Avenue and 18th Street, Lubbock, Texas, 79410 at the Maeden Theatre. Their main contact for collaboration is Mark.charney(at)

More information can be found on their website and shortly on the Network Website.

We are sure you will join us in welcoming them into the Network!

If your institution would like to join, please complete the application forms in English, French, or Spanish or contact the Network Secretariat for more details.

Akt-Zent: Open Call for ALthattheatre 2020- Starting world-wide online 1 March and in Montecreto, Italy, from 15 April - 27 May

The World Theatre Training Institute – Akt-Zent - introduces its first full version of a unique education for vocational training as well as for postgraduate studies using Quantum Pedagogy, created and conducted by Jurij Alschitz and his international team of teachers.

Instead of attending a multi-year education, ALthattheatre proposes a three month training course to prepare the individual for an artistic career. The first part is a 40 days online preparation, followed by the 40 days practical training on stage.

It is the definite aim of this training programme to create a group of utmost diversity concerning age, professional and cultural background. Registration and contracting starts now in December 2019. >>To have more information about this training programme please click here, >>to have access to the registration please click here.

Akt-Zent: Assuming the future is shaping the future: Open Call for Experts’ Colloquium, Kazan, Russia, 10 - 12 June 2020

On the initiative Dr Jurij Alschitz & Christine Schmalor, the ITI/UNESCO Network’s working group on Hybrid Education will meet during the VI International Theatre and Education Festival-Forum “Nauruz” of the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre. They wish to attract specialists to get involved in the Colloquium and contribute to a creative exchange of ideas.

Digitality is not a technical question but a cultural competence. Today we are facing the need for substantial changes in education in general. New demands for innovation of content and methodology arise in the education process. How does the digital mindset affect the process of acting, stage presence, dramaturgy, and methodological tools for artistic development? How do we imagine the future of teaching? How can online training be useful for theatre?

>>To explore some answers to these questions, and find out how to get involved as a speaker or listener please click here. Contact: World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI akt.zent(at)

Fellows Program Application open, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics (The Lab) invites applications for the 2020-2021 cohort of its Fellows Program. The Lab’s mission is to humanize global politics through the power of performance. To this end, applications are welcomed from performing artists who also define themselves as community-based and/or globally minded activists, educators, or policymakers working at the intersection of performance and politics/social justice. The Fellows Program is an 18-month, transnational residency that connects Fellows to a community of peers, fosters collaboration, and inspires intersectional and international dialogue. The deadline for submissions is 27 December 2019. >>To have more information about this programme and to have access to the registration please click here.

Second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network at Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d'Europa: Close of Applications and Following Steps

The Network Secretariat would like to extend its thanks to everyone who applied to be involved in the Second Network Festival at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

We have been overwhelmed with applications from all over the world, from both current and potential new members, and would like to make clear our gratitude for the call to be met with such enthusiasm.

The deadline for applications is now closed. The following steps will be to present the applications to our assembled jury to see which ones will be invited to the festival. The decision process will follow a code in alignment with ITI and UNESCO’s major goals – and the relevance to the festival theme of ‘Home’ and inclusion from as many UNESCO continents as possible will be taken into consideration. We hope to keep all those who have applied updated throughout the process.

Good luck to all who applied!

Open Call Experts’ Colloquium “Theatre Training in Hyperspace” - Kazan, Russia 10 -12 June 2020

This colloquium stands in the tradition of our METHODIKA International Festival for Theatre Training Methods calling for artistic, creative initiatives to shape the future of theatre education.
I invite you to submit your contribution. Find below some thoughts and topics around which we may organize our exchange. Please look and encourage also those colleagues at your institutions who may be the right person for this theme for the benefit of your institution and the common research.
We will have three days of intensive debates, evenings to see theatre, and to meet the colleagues of the Festival-Forum. The organizers offer to those who are interested an excursion on the day after (13 June) to see the stunning landscape and cultural world heritage around Kazan.
We can accept 10 speakers offering full accommodation for 4 (5) nights and local transport. Please apply with a short proposition on the theme and content. Furthermore, we encourage any interested person to join as participant at their own costs.
Please send your proposal / expression of interest until 30th of November 2019 to akt.zent(at)
Looking forward to meeting you in Kazan.
>>For more information please click here

Call for Application for the Second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network at Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d'Europa

The Network Secretariat is pleased to announce a second Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network has been confirmed, and applications are now open. The Student Festival will be held at the facilities of Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d'Europa in Milan/Italy from Monday to Friday, 13 to 17 July 2020. Ten successful applicant Universities/Institutions from the ITI/UNESCO Network will be invited to bring a group of up to ten people to give a performance related to the theme of “Home”. The attending professor is also asked to give a workshop during the festival.
The hosts have kindly agreed to provide accommodation and breakfast to successful applicants. Travel and visa costs must be covered by the applicants themselves.
This presents a fantastic opportunity for the Member Institutions of the ITI/UNESCO Network to give their students a wonderful experience on a global stage and for the teachers to exchange with their colleagues.
We wish you luck in your applications, which must follow the terms and conditions laid out in the call. The deadline for applications is 15 November 2019. Only Network Member Institutions can apply.
>>Click here to view The Call in full
>>Click here to view the Application Form