2nd Student Festival (Online)

Artistic Committee

The Artistic Committee of the Second Student Festival has been put together by the Board of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts. This Committee is responsible for defining the theme of the Festival, setting up the criteria for selecting the performance and finalizing the festival program. When the Festival is over, the Committee will conduct an evaluation report to improve the next edition. The members are doing these tasks in close collaboration with the Secretariat of the ITI/UNESCO Network. For the Second Student Festival, the work included the adaptation of the online Festival from an offline festival.

Artistic Committee

Ricardo ABAD
Ateneo de Manila University Philippines

"The Network is important to connect theatre education Institutes and to confront different principles, methods and ways of teaching. The Network should also generate a new generation of young performing art artists, who will believe in the importance of ITI."

Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Switzerland

"Education never stops, it affects us all at every stage of our careers and lives. We always study, or we die.
Education in theatre is the continuation of a beginning and it is just a planting of a seed. But this first step is very important and absolutely necessary."

Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Italy

"The Online Second International Students Festival will demonstrate the power of theatre all around the world, even in this particular delicate period. Thank you for the commitment of all participants."

CHEN Zhongwen
ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, China

"In this particular period, we need to create a platform that can share the sorrows and hopes, a platform that gives us the power to stand together united, a platform that shows us the world in all its variations. For achieving this, we need to persist in holding this Second Student Festival online!"

Georgetown University, USA

"At this painful and difficult time for so many, it is particularly beautiful to have the brilliant and widely diverse work of these students from around the world to inspire us all, and to help us imagine the future of theater."

Hamadou MANDE
Superior School of Theater Jean-Pierre Guingané/CFRAV, Burkina Faso

"Stand together to build a more human world by emerging from all difficulties."

Raykin Higher School of Performing Arts, Russia

"The Festival is not only our artistic response to the challenge of the situation, but the new opportunity to bring together a lot of young and creative people from all over the world; let us share our love towards theatre, performing arts and creativity!"

Carmelo RIFICI
Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Italy

"Our HOME is theatre, our freedom is the stage: with the Online Second Students Festival our young actors, from all continents, will have the word and I am sure will take us through an enriching journey."